Supercar Owners Circle and 1000 Miglia renewed their partnership after a successful first joint venture in 2020, when the members of the Circle could experience the race as participants for the first time.

1000 Miglia and SOC, united in their shared passion for cars and racing, have worked side by side to bring together their respective expertise to fashion a memorable experience for SOC collectors. The Red Arrow has always been considered by carmakers to be, not only a race but also an international showcase where new vehicles can show off their horsepower and drivers can test their skills.


SOC is also a proud communication hub, tirelessly working to preserve history while also striving to be relevant in the future. Its keywords? Sophistication and internationalism.

The cars taking part in the race were announced on social media, with the vehicles parading on a digital catwalk. Speaker Flo Akinbiyi presented and described the cars to the fanbase via Instagram posts and stories, which have long become a trademark of SOC.

Horacio Pagani sent his best wishes and shared personal anecdotes about the 1000 Miglia; Fabrizio Giugiaro expressed great enthusiasm about the event taking part in the race. From 1000 Miglia SRL CEO Alberto Piantoni came the encouragement and wish to continue working together in the future.


To celebrate Made in Italy, SOC arranged the 1000 Miglia inaugural dinner in the historic estate of Marchese Antinori Montenisa, in Franciacorta. Round tables were arranged under the portico of the villa, with a curated set up by Interrappresentanze with Athentic Models and Métier London and with the cars complimenting the tone for the evening. In this fairy-tale landscape, some of the best food and wine, Blignis of Calvasius Caviar and Antinori Franciacorta, helped the participants get in the mood. Soloist Miza entertained the attendees by exquisitely interpreting a cheerful aria. SOC members were welcomed in the main courtyard of the 12th century mansion by the view of the Kimera EVO37 alongside its creator, Luca Betti, the GFG Vision 2030 by Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro, and the ISO Rivolta GTZ by Andrea and Marella Zagato. SOC's CEO Niccolò Torri Rocca was joined by Vittorio Antinori, to give the welcoming speech.


Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebadeungo, President of IEO-Monzino Foundation and Doctor Viviana Galimberti, Director of Surgical Senology at IEO, informed the collectors that another special vehicle would join the race. The all-female team made up by Melissa Satta, Caterina Balivo, Umberta Gnutti, Cristina Parodi, Francesca Piccinini, Warly Tomei, and Viviana Galimberti were handed the keys of the Aston Martin SUV by Corenne Lange, Head of Q & Special Projects Europe & MENAT at Aston Martin Lagonda, to compete to raise funding to fight cancer and support the IEO Foundation.

The after-dinner was filled with thrills and exciting moments. Thanks to Wave Italy's Racing Driving simulator, the attendees had the opportunity to warm up their engines; stage tricks brought James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 to life; finally, Louis XIII's cognac concluded the evening on a high note.

Participants then received a special welcome kit, containing a freehand sketch by Erre Tecnhology Group of their car, as well as a personalised leather diary for SOC made by Métier London and a bespoke beauty case with their initials from My Style Bags, a long-standing SOC Partner.


The supercars underwent administrative checks in the morning as a young crowd admired the line-up, while, in the afternoon, the participants were busy with the warmup. Later in the evening, a private lunch was held in the 18th century Villa Mazzuchelli which boasts a lovely garden, while the interior of the palace is adorned with stunning frescoes and antique furniture. The collectors enjoyed a private tour of the Mille Miglia Museum, filled with several memorabilia of one of the most fascinating races in the world. Dinner was served inside the Museum, with a view of the cars in true SOC style.


Before the race in the afternoon, the cars paraded around Brescia, the city centre. On the red carpet, both classic cars and modern ones met, causing quite the stir among the public in attendance.

The event kicked off with the cars driving along the iconic platform in Viale Venezia (Brescia). It was a thrill to see such sleek vehicles, like the Koenigsegg of the Struve-Struve crew, coming together to participate in the 1000 Miglia for the first time.

Even the police detail travelled in style. In a refined Lamborghini Huracan, the officers escorted the convoy to Forte dei Marmi. In this gorgeous location, the participants exchanged stories about their previous experience in the race while enjoying a lovely dinner by the seaside.  


The second day saw the cars crossing the picturesque hills of Chianti and driving down the renowned Viale dei Cipressi in Bolgheri to reach their destination: Tenuta Guado al Tasso of Marchesi Antinori.

The lunch in the greenery of the vineyards was a much-needed pit stop before the drivers made their way towards Rome, enjoying some exciting stretches of road behind the wheels. Touring the Eternal City and its streets flanked by splendid palaces filled with history, escorted by the security detail in the Lamborghini Huracan, is something that SOC's members will remember for a lifetime.


The third day, with its 400 kilometres of winding roads, was most likely one of the most challenging. The drivers had a quick stop in Orvieto where the supercars, parked in front of the town's beautiful Duomo, attracted the attention of the curious. Cortona, a picturesque town in Tuscany, hosted the convoy for lunch. The day was not easy to get through, but despite the challenges, it was memorable. Even Fabrizio Giugiaro found a chord to charge his GFG Vision 2030. The cars reached Modena before sunset and the drivers had the amazing opportunity of touring the Righini collection, open for SOC's eyes only. As well as displaying several models of the most famous classic cars (Auto Avio Costruzioni 815 from 1940, the first car built by Enzo Ferrari; the Alfa Romeo 2300 8C, which belonged to the legendary Tazio Nuvolari; Ferrari 500 Mondial; Ferrari 275 GTB), the exhibition collects historic cars from every manufacturer, with a special attention for Alfa Romeo models. In the charming portico of the castle that hosts the collection, SOC members enjoyed an intimate dinner.


On the fourth and final day, the participants woke up to a pleasant surprise. Horacio Pagani treated them to a nice breakfast in one of his factories, in San Cesario sul Panaro. The collectors even got to see a Zonda HP Barchetta (one of the three samples in the world) and the newly announced Huayra R. Horacio and his wife Cristina joined the convoy on board the Zonda HP Barchetta to celebrate the partnership and friendship that SOC and Pagani Automobili share. A lunch in Verona was the last stop before the cars made their way back to Brescia, driving along the shores of Lake Garda. A sizable crowd welcomed the returning convoy and both Horacio Pagani and Niccoló Torri Rocca thanked the public for their warm support, and for making this experience all the more special.

The prize-giving ceremony, which took place in the 1000 Miglia Museum, was the final and high note of an event filled with emotions. The Japanese crew Kimura-Kawashima took the gold for the Zagato-bodied Aston Martin V8 Vantage; while father and daughter Armin and Viktoria placed second with their Porsche Carrera GT. Finally, father and son Jorgen Troelsfedlt and Villads Nielsen Troelsfedlt, aboard their mighty Bugatti Veyron, were awarded the bronze, thus continuing the tradition of the Bugatti's presence at the 1000 Miglia race.


For the first time a Koenigsegg took part in a classic car race, filled with history and heritage. Here is what SOC Member Jan Struve, on board his exposed carbon Regera driven by his son Kim, had to say about the experience.

To honour the presence of younger generations, SOC has collected the testimonies of the youth that has taken part in this 1000 Miglia Experience SOC 2021 for the first time ever.


The "most beautiful race in the world" will keep running thanks to those who have contributed to the joint efforts of 1000 Miglia, Supercar Owner Circle, and the IEO-MONZINO Foundation. This think-tank has shone a light on an important issue: cancer. The pink team aboard the Aston Martin SUV achieved their fundraising goal for the Women's Cancer Center of the IEO-MONZINO Foundation, thanks to their successful web campaign. In the convoy, their luxurious vehicle, wrapped in pink DBX, was definitely one of the easiest to spot.


New generations of collectors, women, and sustainability were the central topics of this event. Each theme was coded in a colour and used to fashion a logo specific for the occasion.

Blue is the colour of intergenerational passion, of the bond between parent and child as they share the same interests. Bringing the younger generations of collectors to this historic race will only help it project SOC into the future, without losing sight of its values and ethos.

Pink is the colour chosen to honour the traditional Coppa delle Dame and the IEO team. SOC supports 1000 Miglia Charity and, in particular, this cause, as many survivors and patients affected by this illness have been among the one hit the hardest by the effects of Covid-19 and the health emergency.

Green is the colour of the environment and sustainability. Fabrizio Gagliaro, with his all-terrain fully electrical hyper car, is the ambassador of the 1000 Miglia Green and its wishes for a more sustainable automotive industry.

The colors blended together with a gradient, stood for inclusivity.



Event: 1000 Miglia Experience SOC 2021
Year: 2021
Creativity: Supercar Owners Circle
Production: Supercar Owners Circle, Mille Miglia srl, Next Step Events

Media Production: Otto Vollmann - OV Media

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